The Lair

The Lair is the place to be if you have been curious about the BDSM Lifestyle. Located in Artist Hall, the Lair is lined with fetish practitioners of all stripes, often standing next to leather benches or wooden cross-beams or welded-iron contraptions with hooks and eyelets and everything else needed to introduce adult movie fans to what may be, to them, an unknown variety of sex-play.

Drawing both the curious and the committed to the upper level of The Joint, this corner of the AVN show offered demonstrations and training on ropes, flogging, suspension, and other forms of play that went beyond vanilla into other shades of grey.

With an emphasis on education and interactive experiences, The Lair will bring to life the many aspects of the fetish and BDSM communities, with help from the biggest names and companies in the world. The Lair also will afford companies an opportunity to sell their BDSM-specific accessories, toys and novelties.